Our Portfolio

LGZ takes pride in working for many local, small and mid-size, businesses throughout the Central Florida Area.  Our clients have allowed us the opportunity to serve their companies through the use of modern web design and internet technology.  Our goal is to always serve our existing and future clients with the same care and priority as if it were Day 1.  We are proud to present the following sites as a portfolio of our projects both completed and ongoing:

1.  Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary - www.fhpa.info (Completed. Continuous updates)

2.  The Insurance Work Shop - www.tiwagency.com (Completed. Continuous updates)

3.  Exotic Car Transport - www.exoticcartransport.com (Being reorganized for update.)

4.  Trik Fish Inc. - www.trikfish.com  (recently completed project 4/2013)

5.  Ruins Of A Society - www.ruinsofasociety.com (Completed. Continuous updates)

6.  Adjusting Resources Management -  www.adjustingresources.com (Completed. Continuous updates)

7.  The Ultimate Flan - www.ultimateflan.com (Completed. Continuous updates)

8.  FLX Courier Systems Inc. - www.flxcourier.com (Being Reorganized for update.)

9. CM Freeman Bank vaults - www.cmfreeman.com (Completed. Continuous updates.)

10. The Villages at Sabal Point - www.villagesatsabalpoint.com  (Completed)

11. Carbotex USA - www.carbotexusa.com (Ongoing)